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The Pacific coast - You can\'t argue with a gentle ocean breeze that soothes you or a raging storm that entertains you as you eat fresh seafood on the shore. Life is good. A volcano near the ocean in the west becomes a sea of mountains and forests and dark diamond lakes as you travel east into some of the most accessible and spectacular wilderness on the planet. The forests and beaches and mountains are here together, to amaze you and soothe you. Hells Canyon and Umatilla National Forest are places you talk about forever.

These are among some the most spectacular and interesting areas you\'ll experience during your visit to Washington State. From natural wonders like the rainforests and towering volcanos, to manmade structures like the Space Needle and the Grand Coulee Dam. Visit them up close; come to Washington State.

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You'll find Port Susan Camping Club nestled in the heart of Puget Sound. We're just 30 minutes north of Seattle, and about 90 minutes south of the Canadian border. Port Susan can make a great "home base" for nearby activities such as golf, skiing and boating, or if you choose, come and enjoy the many recreational activities we have right here.

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