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You'll have to choose sides in North Carolina -- the mountains or the sea. Do you want to hike wooded trails or stroll on hotel-free beaches? Drive the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway or sail across the sound on a ferry? Gaze over misty valleys from a mountain peak or admire the arc of the shoreline from a sand dune? It's difficult to make a wrong choice with these options, but you're still likely to do some hand-wringing.

Because North Carolina's two best features lie on the far east and west boundaries of the state, separated by more than 250 mi/400 km of middle ground, it's difficult to see them both in a one-week vacation. North Carolina is blessed with a great wealth of scenic parks and recreation areas, including several national forests. The solution is to make two visits or one very long one. It will be time well spent.

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This ideal is embodied in every nuance of ASH GROVE Resort Cabins & Camping. Proprietors Steven and Mark are dedicated to providing you with comfortable accommodations, a relaxing sanctuary, and information on exciting escapes and day trips to make your visit to ASH GROVE a time you will always remember and to create a place and atmosphere you will long to visit again and again. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, ASH GROVE Resort Cabins & Camping places you in the heart of Western North Carolina's mesmerizing beauty and stimulating outdoor and cultural activities. Located on fourteen acres on a forested mountaintop, with four stylishly furnished cabins with modern amenities, RV sites and walk-in tent camping beneath the stars, ASH GROVE offers the total getaway experience. Heralded as the "Land of Waterfalls", Transylvania County overflows with natural wonders. Hike or bike along winding trails beneath shifting backgrounds of smoky blues and lavenders. Bask in the solitude of emerald canopies in Pisgah National and Dupont State Forests, take a thrilling ride down whitewater rapids and natural rock slides, or relax on pristine courses with a leisurely round of golf. Evenings are rich with performing arts and cultural activities in Brevard and Asheville. Or, spread a blanket, drink in the crisp, clean air and watch the shifting skies and dancing stars. Adventure. Culture. Leisure. ASH GROVE has something for everyone.

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