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There is a lot going on under the Big Sky Montana. Get out there and do something. Montana is filled with adventurous possibilities: rafting, hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, mountain biking, you get the idea. Not surprisingly we\'ve got a big events calendar, too. Montana offers an endless array of activities from the Nordicfest in Libby to the reenactment of the Battle of Little Big Horn near Hardin. We have tons of sites and sights you\'ll want to visit, such as Glacier and Yellowstone national parks, numerous stops along the Lewis & Clark Trail, wilderness areas, historic towns, and much more. Come to Big Sky.

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Lolo Hot Springs was well known to the Indians long before the arrival of Lewis and Clark, among the earliest visitors to the Lolo Pass area of western Montana, in the fall of 1805. It was a mineral lick for wild game, and an ancient meeting place and bathing spot for the Indians. The hot, mineralized springs became a landmark and rendezvous point for early explorers, trappers, and prospectors as well. By 1885, the Hot Springs had become a favorite vacationing spot for both families and sportsmen. At Lolo Hot Springs, visitors today can enjoy the same soothing waters that bathed the weary members of that famed expedition 186 years ago. Starting at Lolo Hot Springs, snowmobiles can conduct their own modern-day exploration, using 500 miles of groomed connection trails. A series of interconnecting loop trails straddle two national forests on the Montana-Idaho border. East Fork, Lost Park, Elk Meadows, Moose Ridge, Cooper Creek, and Wagon Mountain are just some of the trails that lead deep into the heart of the Bitterroot Range, with lots of meadows and play areas along the way. The snowmobile season runs from mid-December through April. The snow conditions are excellent with hard pack snow throughout most of the season. The snow depth ranges from one to three Feet on the level, up to 12 to 15 feet in the mountains. Lolo Hot Springs is at an elevation of 4,160 feet, but the trails climb to 8,000 feet. Special events held throughout the winter are; poker runs, February and March at Lolo Hot Springs Resort.

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