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From mountains, to the bay, to the Atlantic Ocean, Maryland boasts a vast assortment of outdoor activities, unique attractions, and historical landmarks. So where do you start? Before you click on the map below, here are a few hints for choosing where to go:

Into camping, hiking and the Great Outdoors? Try the Western Region for Deep Creek Lake, waterfalls and a portion of the Appalachian Trail. Maybe you'd prefer a more patriotic experience in the Capital Region, where you can explore Washington, D.C. and learn about space travel at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Maryland's Southern Region boasts historical sites dating back to prehistoric times. Take a whirl through the expansive Central Region with a mix of intimate vineyards, immaculate public gardens and the bustling nightlife of Baltimore's Inner Harbor. And don't forget the Eastern Shore, with its abundance of creek to bay fishing, quiet country roads and beach-bumming pleasures.

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With two distinct areas, Janes Island State Park has a developed mainland section with cabins and camping areas, and a portion accessible only by boat. The original island inhabitants were Native Americans of the Annemessex Nation. The park's Chesapeake Bay location provides water activity opportunities and the miles of isolated shorelines and marsh areas delight visitors who enjoy the peaceful solitude of natural areas. Janes Island State Park is nearly surrounded by the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and its inlets. It has rental cabins, camping and miles of isolated shoreline and marsh areas. History: Paleo Indians first settled this region approximately 13,000 years ago. At that time, sea levels were 350 feet lower than today and mammoths, mastodons, horses and bison roamed across Somerset County, Maryland. As the Tangier Sound was transformed from a freshwater river to an estuary rich in shellfish, prehistoric cultures occupied the landmass that would become Janes Island. Historic artifacts that can be found along the shoreline of Janes Island provide evidence of activities by primitive man, from hunting mammals to shucking oysters. In a sense, native people living on Janes Island were practicing a lifestyle very similar to the modern watermen surviving off the bounty of the Chesapeake Bay. Janes Island is part of the Beach to Bay Indian Trail. This trail recognizes travel patterns established by the American Indians and later followed by the first European settlers. For more information about the trail, contact Somerset County Tourism at 1-800-521-9189. Janes Island State Park is a Chesapeake Bay Gateway, one of over 100 special places to experience the Chesapeake. Visit to find more Bay Gateways.

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