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There\'s plenty to see and do in California. Whether you are the outdoor type or shopaholic, you\'ll find more than enough to keep you entertained. Choose from remote wilderness, monster roller coasters, culturally significant landmarks, intriguing exhibitions, or endangered animals. You won\'t be disappointed!

With a year-round growing season, a colorful mix of cultures from around the globe and artful chefs California is alive and cooking. It is also the most important wine growing area in the United States, producing 90 percent of the nations wine.

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If you enjoy fun, recreational activities, or just like to relax, Anaheim Vacation Park has it all for you. Besides the many activities there are available to you at our park, there are several exciting spots, just a few miles from the park. You could take a trip to Disneyland®, or to Hollywood. Its up to you! Anaheim Vacation Park has a reputation of being one of the most pleasant parks in the nation. With a clubhouse, a pool, and a business center, along with several other amenities, you will be pleased to find that all of your desires are met.

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