Red Trail Campground

250 East River Road
North Dakota
(701) 623-4317

Overall Rating: 1 [ 1 / 10 ]

  • 1 Staff [ 1 / 10 ]
  • 6 Location [ 6 / 10 ]
  • 2 Cleanliness [ 2 / 10 ]

Date visited: Sat 26 Jun 2010

This was our second stay at the Red Trail Campground. The first year we stayed, we really liked it and thought the staff was friendly. Boy did they have us fooled!

This trip, we were staying 2 nights. The second night, we asked if my sister and her husband could set up a tent in our lot. For an extra fee, we were allowed space in our lot for the tent. It rained the day they were supposed to set up their tent and their activities in town had been cancelled, so they decided not to stay. We called the campground and inquired about getting a refund for the tent fee. We still intended in staying in the lot, so it's not as if they were out revenue for the lot space. They told us that we need to learn how to read, because it clearly says on their website that cancellations must be made by 12 noon the day you check in (in not so nice words).

They must think we have a crystal ball, because we didn't know the day before that it was going to be a total washout. Their filthy language and insulting tone was enough to cause us not to stay the second night. No family friendly service (as it claims on the website) here.

Make sure you read the website, because they'll accuse you of not being able to read! Not worth it for cramped spaces and dirty bathrooms.

Positives: Close to downtown Medora

Negatives: Cramped
Dirty bathrooms
Insulting staff

Red Trail Campground is nestled below a butte on the southeast edge of historic Medora which takes its name from the wife of its founder, a French nobleman, the Marquis De Mores. Though his dreams of a cattle empire and meat packing plant have long since vanished, the town survived to witness, and retain in history. For a short time Teddy Roosevelt stayed in Medora opening two cattle ranches. Custer camped in Medora while on his way to Montana.