Pequot Ledge Campground

157 Doyle Road

Overall Rating: 8 [ 8 / 10 ]

  • 5 Staff [ 5 / 10 ]
  • 9 Location [ 9 / 10 ]
  • 1 Cleanliness [ 1 / 10 ]

Date visited: Wed 07 Jul 2010

We love Gardner Lake and that is the primary reason we chose Pequot Ledge. We rented cabin 5 for 2 nights. We were very lucky the weather was beautiful, hot, and sunny. The campground has potential - absolutely - but lacks staff and perhaps resources to do regular maintenance. The cabin wss in disrepair. Basics like torn window screens, horrible drainage in the shower and filthy stove. It is a shame that such a beautiful piece of property has been let go so badly and income apparently does not cover basic operating costs such as staff to pick up litter, etc. Although litter is bad jugement, when it accumilates and there is no can in sightto place the wrappers, the obvious will happen. There was a critter living in the wall of the bedroom. All the walls were warped and the place smelled of mold. A staff member told me they are only using 4-5 cabins out of a dozen plus. Guess what, the cabins not in use are falling down. Yes the beach area is ledgy and in disrepair and the swimming area is rocky-- bring your water shoes. But it has potential. We were there 18 yrs ago and the place was in such disrepaIr I said we would never go back. Then I heard it was purchased and the boat house was obviously maintained and repaired per a boat view from the lake. Only a slight bit better 18 yrs later. We were given a boat slip on the end and the dock was falling in the water. Please buy some nails before someone gets hurt. It is all about the lake and yes we will be back. The cabin was sized very nicely had large windows and with a bit of maintenance it can improve. A screen door would help-suggest replacement of the barn door. I hope the rest of the season is financially positive for the management so some money can be spent on mainetnance so more money can be made on a full rental capacity. I wonder if the staff doesn't want regular renters so the keep it in disrepair intentionally or are they just lazy? I know they cater to the seasonals, believe me, i get that, we just left Witch Meadow after 15 yrs seasonal, but disrepair can't possibly be a plus to the seasonals. Do they think their rates will go up if the place is cleaned up? P>S> the seasonal rates are already at slightly higher than market rates for the return. Potential is there - opportunity knocks - I hope things improve - this is a beautiful piece of property.