Ontario Shores RV Park

348 Rainbow Shores Road
New York
(315) 298-4407

Summertime brings highs in the 70's to Rainbow Shores Campsites. When the night sets in temperatures drop down into the 60's. For the duration of the wintertime the highs are generally in the 30's; through the dark hours in the wintertime at Rainbow Shores Campsites temperatures dip to the 10's. South Sandy Creek is a great whitewater spot near Rainbow Shores Campsites, and why not stop at a swamp like Deer Creek Marsh if you're here at Rainbow Shores Campsites. There's such a great deal of things to do at Rainbow Shores Campsites including playing golf, and whitewater paddling, so it's completely out of the question to get bored. If you've got cabin fever from too much time inside? No problem at all; Rainbow Shores Campsites in New York is such a delightful place.